How to Prepare for your Soul Session

  • Moon will not know who you are before your session begins. 
  • Simply go to Facebook Page ‘Moon Eir’ and send a message to the team on Moon’s Facebook Messenger. Once the team response, you’ll know your session with Moon will go smoothly without a problem.  
  • The day and time of your session, you will meet Moon on the Moon Eir Facebook Messenger. 
  • Simply type out, “Hello Moon! I’m here for my Soul Session.”
  • Once Moon responses, your session will begin. 
  • Remember to allow spirit to show Moon all she needs to know. 
  • Do not ‘jump ahead’ and provide information to her, unless asked for clarification by Moon. By providing too much information to Moon, is your way of controlling the reading to how you want it to go or how you perceive it to go in your mind. 
  • Moon understands the great need to want to hear from your loved one, so allowing her to obtain all she needs from spirit, WITHOUT any input, will allow you to see confirmations from your loved one(s) without any word on your part. 
  • Moon likes to get her information from spirit only. If she feels she needs more clarification to confirm their communication, then and only then, you can elaborate more on that topic she already obtained from them.
  • Have a happy heart and be open to all information. You can still have fun and be of happy nature while Moon obtains information from your loved one(s). 
  • You can ask your loved ones to ‘show up’ for your session. They don’t need to know the time or date. Moon will start getting them around her days before the session actually takes place. 
  • Please keep in mind that a soul’s Free Will in still attached even in Heaven and other realms. So, if a soul you were expecting to come forth… doesn’t come forth… they may have a good reason as to why. You must think first like a soul and not like a human. It’s not that they don’t want to communicate, it maybe because they can’t at that point in time.
  • If a soul comes forth to communicate but you do not want to speak to them due to past transgressions or trauma, Moon can go around this energy. However, you will quickly understand that that soul is coming for to express sorrow and even apologetic emotions towards you. They are usually the very first ones to come forth because they see this as an opportunity to respectfully apologize for any pain they may have caused you.
  • We ask that you do not force or control the session. 
  • Moon does not communicate like other ‘mediums’ in the world. Her way of communication is completely different than any you are used to.  
  • By forcing information to come to the surface, you are displaying a control over the session to what you would like your loved one to talk about. 
  • Instead we ask that you simply allow that soul(s) to show Moon what they would like to show or say to you. 
    – An example of this is:
    “Does my mom have something in her hand?”
    “Can my dad say anything about his old truck?”
    “What color hair is she showing you?”
  • These are examples of how a forced reading plays out. The soul will show Moon what they decide to show her, in their own way.
  • Moon will ask you if you would like to ask your loved one anything.
  • Please do not feel forced to have to come up with one. 
  • You can simply say, “Not at this time. I just appreciate them being here.”
  • If you ask a specific question of your loved one, the answer will need to be in Moon’s dictionary of understanding. This means… if your Dad gave you a nickname, his soul will try his best in showing Moon what that is. But if Moon has never experienced it for herself, this may be a bit hard to fully obtain. Let me show you what this looks like… 
  • Father shows Moon a Brussel Sprout but the daughter’s nickname was actually Broccoli but her and her husband just had a baby to which the Father would have given her a nickname aka “sprout.” While the Father was alive, he would give food names as nicknames to his kids and grandkids. Since Moon never experienced this, obtaining the daughter’s nickname.. .which was the original question presented to Moon… can show a branch off answer like giving the baby a nickname instead since she was born AFTER he had passed away. This is also a way of showing that he is very aware of who the baby is, not only on earth but also in Heaven. He would of met her before she was born on earth! 
  • Spirit will always find a way to get their point across.
  • Not all Spirits talk like you or I. Many of them speak in visions of the mind. Puzzle pieces of pictures and snippets of video or even sensations on the body. 
  • Now there are some that use full on sentences but that is up to the soul to express itself in this way for Moon to understand.
  • Moon is the detective gaining pieces of a puzzle which is your family. You are the only one who knows them, so it’s staying aware of what they show her so you can put it all together!!! 
  • Moon understands when you are in the midst of a reading, you can become numb to the experience. It’s hard to remember things or events we’ve experienced in life. Especially, in the moment. If something doesn’t “line up,” make note of it because you will remember a day or two later. It happens all the time! Moon receives tons of letters, emails, and messages days after a session because the client had some time to think over the session and suddenly realized they forgotten or didn’t remember during the session what their loved ones was referring to until they had time to think about it. 
  • When it comes to questions to ask, remember that your loved one can NOT guide or interfere on a living soul contract that is still in progress. This simply means, they can not give their input on your life or the lives of those around you. So, when you ask a question like….
    “Can you tell my dad to watch over my mom?”
    Your dad can support your mother but he can not watch over her. That is not his soul job. That is the job of the Angels. The Angels assigned to her will be the ones to watch over her. 
    – Another example would be… 
    “Was mom ok with what we did with her house?” Once a soul passes on, they no longer have ties or input on their life and what details contain in that life. Once they pass, it is now the soul contract experience of those taking care of that past loved ones “left over” life clean ups. Mom will support you as you experience the left over items from her life but she can not place input on what actually took pace within that left over learning on your part. 
  • Think of your loved one(s) as your personal cheerleader… cheering you on! “You’re doing great! Keep going!”
  • Your angels intervening and protecting you when needed and your Spirit Guides guiding you on your living Soul Contract since they are the only ones who have access to it, besides your Master Guides and High Counsel Members. 
  • If you are simply wanting to re-connect to your passed fur baby / pet, please let Moon know this before she begins pulling forth past loved ones. This way she can focus only on your pet and nothing else. 
  • If a soul comes for and is bashful or embarrassed about how they passed away, this usually surfaces as a suicide or overdose. 
  • Obtaining answers from a soul who committed suicide or overdosed takes a bit of time. These souls are embarrassed by how they passed and still have difficulty expressing those emotions. 
  • If you have a soul that was murdered, they will show Moon all they need her to know but if spirit feels her life or your life is in danger in some way, they have the choice to stop all communication on that subject. 
  • If a soul was murdered and an open case is on going for answers to their death per law enforcement, Moon can continue your session into further sessions with that soul. She will then decide if she will take on your case and work with law enforcement on providing information that spirit shows her in order to bring that case to a close. 
  • If a soul comes forth and provides certain information but that information could be 2 other people as well, this is ok. Moon calls this “piggie back energy” where one soul will provide certain information that the other two souls are using to come forth to speak to you. 
  • Once this takes place, Moon can then separate them and work on each soul individually.