Moon’s Sessions can be done either Live 1:1 through Facebook Messenger or Email.

Akasha Records Reading

Insight to Your Soul Contract Mission

Take a journey into your Soul Life Book which is the origins of all your past lives and current directly from Heaven’s Sacred Database. Get insight into your soul’s avenue of learning, galactic origin star traveling, important past soul achievements, soul lessons, soul abilities/gifts, path options to take on decisions, and additive instructions and life coaching. This reading is highly suggested for those experiencing a divine spiritual awakening to enlightenment and seek more insight on their soul’s purpose and mission. Moon only offers these readings by way of email, with additional package options for those who seek additional insight and answers.

Spirit Session

Reconnect to Your Spirit Guides & Masters

Do you have questions about your life or a path you should take? In this session, Moon connects to your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters who hold the key to your Soul Contract and the answers you seek. This will be your opportunity to ask and/or discuss any life questions you may have where you need more insight and direction. Perhaps it’s love, or a new job offer, or maybe even a question about life in general. Whatever the path, whatever the question, Moon will help provide the answers and options your Spirit Guides show her. Answers you’ve been wanting for a long time. And yes, you can have this session done as many times as needed. Weekly guidance is available to those who simply want a helping hand on the direction they want to go in life. Or just need a ‘spiritual pick me up.’

Soul Session

Reconnect to Your Past Loved Ones

This session is recommended to those seeking to reconnect to their loved ones who have crossed to the other side. Shed light on questions you’ve always had, find the closure you’ve been needing, and finally feel a divine release from the suffering and pain you’ve been enduring. Moon only offers these readings by messenger or in shop with additional minute options for those who seek longer sessions.

Detox Cord Cutting Session

Removing Unwanted Energy by Aligning the Centers of the Soul

Heavy energy is always difficult to deal with, especially when you’ve walked away from a situation but always seem to get pulled back in. This particular Soul Cord Cutting Session will help to cut those unwanted negative connections to past relationships that hold you back by detoxing the soul of the left over residue. It is also good for current relationships that weigh heavy on you.

I suggest getting a Cord Cutting with any kind of abusive or violent relationship of any form, whether it be a parent, ex-partner, sibling, ex-friend, etc. Any challenging, heavy relationship that you find difficult to be around. Your higher soul understanding will decide if the cords being cut will be permanently cut and if this will be the final “goodbye” or if it will be until both parties can better themselves in their own experiences of perceptive.

Soul Transformation
Three   Day   Package

Spiritually Align Your Sacred Mission

What you see manifested around you as people, events, situations, and circumstances in your life are actually a reflection of your own consciousness. The true source of your opportunities, abundance, joy, and the ability to attract all that you need comes from your magnetic consciousness which is the energy, or vibration that is YOU! In this one on one session with Moon, you will obtain the enlightenment that leads to your conscious awareness to the inner change towards who you were meant to be.

Divine Love Session

An energy alignment reading of sacred love for powerful intention & renewed transformation

I’m now offering my newest spiritual divine love download alignment session to help aid you in releasing all that no longer serves you while simultaneously upgrading and aligning your soul to becoming a more vibrational match to your divine tribe and soul partner. Pull towards yourself, exactly what you want and need! It is a reading filled with guidance to help you connect with your true path of love.

House entity Removal

Clear Your House of Negative Energy

When she isn’t conducting readings, Spiritual Communicator and Demon Hunter, Moon Eir, is clearing houses, apartments, and offices of negative, stuck, unwanted demonic energy and helping the client to detox the energy they can not seem to shake off, otherwise. Ultimately, we try to rid these dense, stagnant energies ourselves but this can create very emotional draining situations that seem to get worse. Moon travels far and wide to come on scene to remove any and all dark entities from the property. When she shows up, they run!

Why   Book A Session
with  Moon?

  • I offer spiritual wisdom never experienced anywhere else. I am a galactic walk-in. My origins mean I can offer a true connection to galactic realms, your loved ones and Spirit Guides from the comfort of your home. I have now helped thousands of clients get clarity.
  • If you're like most of my clients, your soul has been bored for some time and you yearn for a change. You have been walking around like a zombie and are looking for something to revive you and give you life. I can wake you up to your potential, your soul path, and any dormant abilities your soul may have; will spring to life.
  • I am the only communicator who speaks to ICU patients. I am able to provide information that only the patient in the coma can provide me and it is all verified by those who know the patient.

Want to know what a session is like?

“I’ve always been open to the spiritual realm, but what I experienced was the most enlightening, comforting, mind blowing experience.”

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