Crystal Tarot

Certification Course
a First of its kind course empowering healers, intuitives and guides.

Do you want to work intuitively & Confidently with both Crystals & Tarot?

  • Are you totally obsessed with crystals and tarot and know that you must be drawn to them for a reason?
  • Would you love to feel like you’re not just ‘playing around’ with crystals and tarot but are actually getting intuitive hits and credible answers for yourself and others
  • Do you believe you’re here for a reason and feel the next step in your spiritual evolution is to heal others with crystal and tarot?
  • Are you often held back by self-doubt and feel you’re not experienced or intuitive enough to work with crystals and tarot
  • Are you seeking a pathway to more credibility for yourself as a crystal & tarot expert?
  • Are you ready to take the next step in your crystal tarot healing journey?

Then welcome! The Crystal Tarot Certification Course is for you.

Whether you are a crystal & tarot newbie or have been working with them for some time but never quite believed in yourself deep down, this course is for you.

This is 3 big courses in 1!



Meridian Crystalline Body Healing

There are lots of crystal courses, and lots of tarot courses, but we are the first of its kind to combine the powerhouse energy sources of both to supercharge your intuitive skills

Combine the energy sources of crYstal and tarot

It’s no mistake that so many intuitives feel pulled to learn BOTH crystals and tarot. The two are unique spiritual tools that can be used in combination to take your readings and healing sessions to the next level.

But if you’re anything like the beginners we’ve come across you’re probably feeling confused about how to pick the best crystals to support your client’s needs and you might even feel like you’re winging it when it comes to laying them down on the body.

While it might seem like anyone can pull a tarot card, you’ll learn in this course that true mastery of the deck involves a lot more than the luck of the draw. This course will teach you much more than how to interpret tarot cards. It’s about being able to place cards intuitively on the body to tell a healing story.

The Bodyis a map of energy trigger points

Want to learn to harness them?

Thousands of years ago, Chinese medicine mapped out the pathways of the 12 meridians which feature 350 acupressure points. You will learn how to lay crystals and cards along the meridian body lines and pressure points to conduct healings.

The 12 meridians:
Large Intestine
Small Intestine
Triple Heater

What you’ll get in the course

12 Crystal Tarot Healing Modules with videos, podcast voice recording for on the go, workbooks, quizzes, resource lists & more…

Lifetime Access to a Monthly Crystal Tarot Q&A Coaching with Moon

12 Monthly Crystal Tarot Card Readings

Private Access to the Crystal Tarot Healing Student Community

Tons of Crystal Tarot Online Directories to further your crystal tarot knowledge and learning

Curated Crystal & Tarot Cheat Sheet to keep you organized during your progress
BONUS VIDEOS on Crystal Identification & Telling Crystal Fakes from the Reals Mini Course

3 Exclusive Crystal Tarot Healing Kits available ONLY with this program to get you started on your healing path.

Learn both the science AND metaphysics of Crystals and Tarot
Gain confidence in healing, not only yourself, but others through accredited, high-quality fun classes
Develop your intuition with practical techniques and methods
Make lifelong connections in our heart-centered Crystal Tarot Community
PLUS: unlimited Technical Support for all our students

The wisdom & Experience of 30,000 client Readings

Meet Your Crystal Tarot Teacher, Moon!

Moon is the Founder of Moon Crystal Tarot and the director of the Moon Crystal Tarot Certification Program.

She’s been a professional Crystal Healer and Tarot card reader for more than 9 years, reading for over 30,000 clients worldwide, with a following of over 29,000 on social media pages.

People know Moon as a modern-day Prophet and Shaman, Spiritual Communicator, Cosmic Communicator, Founder of Moon Eir Academy and MoonTribe Retreats, Host of the Moon and Maria Show, Spirit Talk Live Podcast host, Author of the book ‘I Am Not From Here & Neither Are You’, Creator of the Mystical Realms Oracle Deck, Certified Light and Sound Therapist, Grand Master ‘Holy Fire’ Reiki Healer, Missing Persons/Pet Tracker, Oracle Sage Reader, Minister & Spiritual Counselor, Past Life Regressionist, Quantum Hypnotherapist, Demonologist, as well as a Certified Crystal Healer and Teacher. She is the Owner of a metaphysical shop, Crystal Cove Gems, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Whew! That’s a lot.


But my level of experience goes way deeper than just that.

The truth is, I arrived ‘Earthside’ in 2009, but I’m not a teenager! That was simply the date of my arrival from a tragic accident that took the conscious soul of ‘Christina’ where she left this body and crossed over into Heaven. My consciousness arrived in her place and everyone was astonished ‘Christina’ survived such an accident.

You see, I’m not from here.

I’m a Galactic Representative from a realm called Kalenia. I know! I know! Most who hear this usually look at me as if I’m nuts. That’s only because they aren’t fully awakened to the evolutionary change Earth is now enduring.

I was sent here for a reason: to help humanity by passing on spiritual galactic wisdom, not only from Heaven but also from different portals, different galaxies, and races. I’m here to answer the big questions no one else can answer like: Why are we here? What is the point of being here? Is this even real?

I have so many customers that walk through my shop doors that are new to crystal and tarot reading and feel overwhelmed by it all.

It inspired me to create this course and break the information down into a simple but IMPACTFUL experience that anyone can find fun and easy to understand with no experience. I will take you on a self-discovery journey and help you find practical ways to use the skills in your day-to-day life.

I also wanted this to be a pathway to becoming a practitioner and healer.

You can adapt what you learn on a bigger scale by taking clients to read as a reader or take clients as a healer.

From my background, you know that what I’ll be teaching in this Crystal Tarot course will not be like anything else available online.

This course will teach you true healing.
True intuitive mastery.
True spiritual growth.


The question is: Are you ready?

It’s time to

claim your power!

As healers and intuitives, one of the areas we often struggle the most with is not our abilities, but our confidence.

If you regularly worry whether you are enough to do this work, it is because you truly care and know deep down how important this work is to you.

Completing the Crystal Tarot Certification Course and becoming a Certified Crystal Tarot Healer will give you a qualification that you will help to embody the professional you are and speak to your authenticity and credibility.

As a certified Crystal Tarot Healer you’ll

Go from…

Doubting yourself as a healer and second-guessing your intuitive hits.

Hiding your abilities and holding yourself back from reaching clients.
Feeling overwhelmed in a reading and leaving clients underwhelmed.
Being one of many healers online, without any real point of difference.


Feeling completely confident to show up as the crystal & tarot expert you now are.

Proudly advertising your services and being able to talk about your gifts.
Getting real results for clients and seeing the difference you’re making in lives.
Being certified by a credible school that will make clients trust your abilities.

*Please note the Devil Card will not be part of the course curriculum. I believe tarot decks are intended for higher source love and communication of messages that entail that love energy. I remove the Devil Card from all my decks because of the intent it represents. If that doesn’t align with what you believe, please avoid signing up for this course.

some of the amazing things You’ll learn

Crystal Tarot Energy Basics:
All You Need to Know About Crystals & Tarot

Stone Cold Facts & History:
The Science Behind Crystals

Shape Your Intentions:
Crystal Shapes, Formations, & more…

Subtle & Magnified Energy:
Tuning into the Frequencies of Crystal Power

Tarot Directive:
Understanding the Symbols, Stories, Elements, Keywords, & Numerology

Flip and Reverse It: 
Best Methods In Reading Reversed Cards

Create a Story, Combos, & Flows: How to Develop a Story Through the Crystal Card Method

Develop Your Supercharged Intuition: Getting to Know Your Crystal & Tarot Journey

Crystal Tarot Layouts & Grids: Learn the Meridian of Mystical Energy Movement

Mapping the Crystalline Meridan & Rebalancing the Crystalline Body: Past Life Karmatic Blockages, Addictions, Traumas, & more…

Healing Techniques: Mastering Advanced Methods, Elixirs, & more…

Distance Healing:
Sending High Vibrations Your Way


A modern, IPHM-approved system which is carefully designed to help you easily access your higher consciousness and intuition, unlock the hidden mystical powers of Crystals, Tarot Reading, and Meridian Crystalline Body Healing to bring you life-changing results.

My one-of-a-kind technique and certification goes way beyond all that you’ve experienced before. It offers a transformative approach to Crystal Tarot Healing that mystically develops your untuned intuition, confidence in yourself, and elevates you to a whole new skill profession.

No matter where you are in your Crystal or Tarot journey, the Moon Crystal Tarot Certification will challenge you to take your Crystal Tarot Healing journey to the next level. Be part of the Moon Crystal Tarot Revolution which is becoming a growing movement where all your answers can be found deep within.


If I’m just starting out or have little experience, is this course right for me?

Honestly? You are at the right phase in your learning for a course like this!

This curriculum has all the training, support, and practice opportunities to help get you on your Crystal Tarot path with great confidence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert to this type of learning or fresh off the metaphysical cart, you will start to feel ‘familiar’ with the information provided very quickly. It’s ok to be an expert at Crystals and Tarot but with how much can change over time, it’s always good to keep learning and growing. This program will help you gain all the confidence you need. Expert or not!

You’re going to get huge value out of the training and supporting aspects of this course, which will fast-track your learning and provide you with some awesome techniques that you can use, as soon as you sit down with your Crystals and Tarot card deck.

If you would like to explore your options with Crystals and Tarot a bit further, Moon’s team would be happy to speak with you to learn more about your specific goals in order to determine which path within the Moon Eir Academy will be most supportive to you at this time. If that’s something you are interested in, just click here to schedule a call with one of our Student Success Advisors.

I’m pretty busy, how long will I have access to the course?

You will have complete access to this program for life from the date of your purchase. You are also welcome to download the course materials and videos so that you have lifetime access to these learning modules without having to navigate back and forth to and from the student portal.

Where and when are the classes held?

Classes are all held online and can be attended by anyone, from anywhere in the world!

Classes are accessible upon enrollment and you are welcome to work at your own pace.

You’ll receive a complete schedule and full details for your class or program in your Welcome Email (it’s also posted in the welcome area for each program within our private student portal).

I love Crystals & Tarot, but I’m not sure I’m intuitive. Should I still do the course?

When you’re first starting out with learning, sometimes you may also be just learning to trust your intuition, but it’s not fully needed.

It can be a hard task to do when you’re trying to remember all the Crystal backgrounds, as well as the 78 meanings of a Tarot deck.

You may start to doubt yourself. You may even start to feel like your intuition is wrong, at times. But I’m going to tell you a little truth… sometimes, it can be hard to differentiate between your intuition and your prior knowledge of the Tarot. So, Moon makes sure to teach her students how to work with their intuition alongside having an understanding of the ‘traditional’ meanings of the Crystal and Tarot cards.

Also, Crystal Tarot readings don’t make sense straight away. Moon often recommends waiting a few days, to even weeks, and then come back to it again to see if the messages resonate with you.

We highly recommend keeping a journal. This can be either in hardcopy format in a beautiful diary of your choosing or in a word processor document like Google Docs. You can write down your initial thoughts or feelings and keep coming back to read and add more notes as events unfold around you. This is a powerful practice in witnessing how subtle shifts in energy and vibration to seemingly unrelated events can impact or attribute to your readings. Moon performs a daily 3 card; 3 crystal pull to see how her day will play out. But she also makes sure to keep a weekly, even a monthly of foreseen planning of subtle energy changes that may come into play along the way. This is something that could be very fun for you to practice whilst you are learning your way through this course.

When can I expect my class materials?

All class materials are immediately available to you online after completing your enrollment and registration.

What happens if I don’t pass my exam?

Moon allows un-timed, open-note exams with unlimited attempts to pass.  Usually, if you do not pass three times in a row, we will make sure you get invited to the 1-on-1 time with Moon, your instructor, in the open forum video chat once a month to cover any areas you’re having trouble with, and then you can try taking your exam again.  Most people pass with flying colors (even if they haven’t taken a test in a while!).

Can I work through classes at my own pace?

Yes absolutely! Here at the Moon Eir Academy, you have the benefit of setting your learning at your own pace. Once you are enrolled into the course, you will have lifetime access to your class materials, videos, worksheets, and more. There is NO time limit for completing your classes!!!

Are refunds available, if requested?

The value of Moon’s classes can’t be matched since this is a very new concept to the metaphysical healing world. Moon knows you’ll absolutely adore the content and materials that she includes in this course. Enrolling in any of the courses or programs means you’re making a commitment and an investment in yourself and in Moon’s Academy, so we do not accept refunds or cancellation requests for any of our classes, programs, courses, or digital products.

We do not allow for the cancellation of payment plans before they are complete. By enrolling in a program with a payment plan option, you are legally committing to make all payments on time and in full according to the payment schedule laid out at the time of purchase. Change of mind refunds before the course starts will not be provided.

For complete information concerning our refund and payment policies, please review our Policies & Procedures.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to take online classes?

No, you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to take online classes or courses with Moon. Anyone, anywhere, can take her online classes. We welcome students from all over the world!

Do I need to be certified as a healer to begin working on people in a professional business?

Most places within the United States do not require energy healers to have certification. However, it does give your clients and employers peace of mind if they know you have completed some formal training on this particular learning topic.