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Asked Questions

How much is a reading?

Every reading Moon provides varies in price. You can take a quick journey through the ‘Sessions’ and find which reading you are most drawn to and which one suits your budget. We also have a cool benefit installed on the website for those of you who adore the ‘get it now, pay for it later’ programs. Our Sezzle program allows you to buy your session now and pay for it through adjusted payment plans, over time. How convenient… right?!?!

How long is a session?

Each session has a specific amount of time applied to each package available for purchase. If you feel you may need more than the allowed 60 minutes, you may choose one of the other packages to allow for more time.

How does the Spirit Session and the Soul Session work?

You are guided every single day by every little decision you make. That small voice in your mind is NOT you are having conversations with yourself. If your guides decided to suddenly one day start using their own voice, you’d think you were becoming aware of symptoms of schizophrenia. To prevent this mindful chaos, they use YOUR voice, to provide daily messages needed to guide you in the direction you need to go.

This communication, however, can be quite difficult to decipher in order to choose the right way for you to go. With the Spirit Session, Moon will help clear the way to hear those ‘missed’ messages. When you gain clarity to these messages and the many options for your guides provide you for your life path, it makes it a whole lot easier to move through life with ease and comfort.

Remember, your guides will NEVER tell you what to do with your life but rather provide many options in order for you to choose from. Moon will just simply help you see these options better and with more clarity. And no one is learning your life EXCEPT you. So, those choices can not be made by anyone else except you. Your guides provide you these options because they won’t allow you to stay stuck in energy that is not flowing or moving for too long.

If you choose to purchase the Spirit Session, we would like to make you aware of how performs this session. Moon does NOT do this session by phone or video but rather telepathically with your Guides which she then transcribes through Facebook text message. Moon prefers this way of communication when presented with your questions for the guides so she can use her full energy and attention listening to every detail from the guides, without distraction, as well as documenting everything for later viewing, in case the client misses something important that was said or portrayed. This allows the client to go back, reread, and even print what was said and obtain knowledge that they may have missed during the session. If you do not have Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp messenger will be used in its place. If you do not have WhatsApp, use this direct link to download this form of communication before your session takes place:

This also applies to the Soul Session which is communication with your loved ones who crossed over. However, if you prefer to have the Soul Session performed in person, at the shop, it can be arranged with the scheduling team when you receive your welcome email which contains your scheduling details.

I'm concerned my session will be negative.

This is a very understandable way of thinking due to all the TV drama hype. Moon has experienced all moods when it comes to sitting down to have a reading performed with her. You are either excited, or nervous, or perhaps even both, ha ha. Her goal is to ease your mind within minutes of meeting her. She will be having you feeling calm, relax, and inspired to listen to all that comes through for you. Watching her LIVE Shows on Facebook and YouTube, will provide you a quick view to who she is and how confident you’ll feel going into your session with her. This provides you an opportunity to see how a session is performed, what she’s like as a person, as well as a communicator, and how accurate she is when she is in communication with the guides and loved ones on the other side.

She also does not want you to worry when it comes to your loved ones. They are not in a state of judgement in Heaven but rather an all-consuming energy of love. They can’t be anything other than that source of energy. You will be pleasantly surprised by the answers you receive from them. You’ll find that the correspondence is more positive than negative. And if there is a loved one or individual you care NOT to discuss or even connect with, Moon can go around or avoid this energy in respect to you and your emotions towards this soul. However, in these types of session, the soul that comes forth first IS the soul you were hoping to avoid. Why do they do that? Because they are in a place of love, peace, and now understand things in a different perspective, which Moon will go into more detail for you on this, during your session. These types of souls come forth due to closure that is needing to take place and they seek to apologize for their actions and words towards you. They may even explain why these traumatic events took place so you can better understand their life and point of view on that life. But again, Moon will never force this healing on you and can be very easily avoided out of respect to you. Moon will ALWAYS respect your wishes in every regard of your session with her.

I have paid for my session, now what happens?

After a session is purchased, you will receive a Welcome email from the Scheduling Team who will start your scheduling process. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive this email due to the high quantity of emails, messages, and orders coming into the shop.

I just purchased a digital product. What happens now?
You will be able to download your Digital Product upon purchase when you receive your ‘Thank You for Your Purchase’ document. If you didn’t receive that confirmation document, please email at  or by calling the shop directly at 814-254-4523. We will be more than happy to help assist you in obtaining it. Please have your purchase order available when either emailing the team or calling the shop.
Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, Moon does not offer refunds on any services or digital products due to the amount of energy and time placed on these avenues of healing. She invests a great amount of time and love into these modalities. She also has this policy in place because her sessions and products allow you to fully commitment your soul’s path, needs, and wants when it made the decision to have a session or purchase a Digital product with Moon. You found yourself here, you were drawn to Moon, and you didn’t hesitate in placing a purchase. Your journey now begins. Have faith in your decision and why it brought you here in the first place. You sought change! You sought enlightenment, you seek for answers to your questions! So, keep going and see where this journey takes you.

Is my loved one with me?

On Moon’s LIVE Show ‘Moon & Maria,’ she often explains that Heaven blends with the world of the living. It is not up nor is it down. You simply have to pull back a thin curtain and your loved one is standing right there. She explains how your loved one never left you, only their physical body has. Their consciousness continues and it fully remembers who you are and why they love you so very much. The physical body was created here and will remain here. Once the body lets go of the soul. it now is in a state of love and all knowing. This simply means that your loved ones knows all, sees all, and hears all. When she says ‘hear’ she means through the mind, telepathically. And if you struggle with ‘feeling’ your loved one, understand they never left you. This happens either when you are in so much pain over their death, you ‘block’ their energy from easily flowing to and around you. The other reason is that your loved one will pull back their energy if they feel you are not moving on with your life, as you should, after their passing. Just because you don’t feel them, doesn’t mean they aren’t standing right there next to you.

And yes, all souls cross over after death takes the physical body. There is nothing else for the soul to do but cross over! When a person dies, the soul automatically crosses over because that is the next consciousness level of learning for them to experience. Souls do not linger or haunt. They will sometimes place themselves in the Hall of Knowledge which is simply an area in Heaven where some souls feel they need to review their learning from the past life, over and over again. This sometimes comes off like a haunting here in the present earth understanding. When a soul is in the Hall of Knowledge, they don’t perceive Heaven but rather the earthly plane of existence they find themselves struggling to overcome. Even though they are still in Heaven whilst doing this.

Is my loved one still in pain?

When the body is created here on earth, it takes on challenges and obstacles. These experiences help them to learn certain lessons about the body and how trauma and pain can be endured. However, once that learning is complete and the lesson finalized, the soul is ready to leave the physical body. When it does, all those challenges and obstacles that were attached to the body, stay with the body here on earth where it all began and where it all ends. Your loved one does not continue to carry that energy into Heaven, for we do not have bodies in Heaven. The body is an earthly formation so the soul can function being in this type of environment. Think of it as an astronaut suit. The suit is the body, and the astronaut is the soul. The soul could not function being on earth without its suit to breath, eat, and live. Whatever the astronaut suit endured and experienced will stay marked on it forever aka bruises, broken bones, illnesses, diseases, and injures. When the astronaut removes the suit, the ‘markings’ remain but the soul is untouched and moves on to the next fun adventure.

Is my loved one ok with what I've done with their belongings?

Upon departing from this world, your loved one no longer has any further attachments to their material objects they obtained throughout their life. These attachments are let go once the soul is released from the body because now the soul is in an all-knowing state of mind and understands that those things no longer hold the value the soul once thought they did. Whatever you choose to do with their belongings, will now be a soul experience of choice you will learn from and allowing others to benefit to learn from when prized some of their items. This is a great way for you to honour who they were to you and allow others to feel their energy through these items. Energy is so strong and can linger for eons. Just by holding those items, you are still holding onto the energy that soul placed on those items. That is something very special to behold! Enjoy their belongings just as much as they did and allow others to enjoy them, as well. This is how you will honour them.

Were they upset I wasn't there when they passed away?

Every event in your life is planned and chosen before birth through the Soul Contract you created. Before we take birth there is a certain incubation period. Imagine, if you will, that in this period, you huddle together with your companions for a meeting. These are the people you share your life with today, as well as your Spirit Guides who speak to you within your mind and direct you on that exact Soul Contract.

From a beggar on the street, your parents, your ex, to your life partner and everyone else in between. The purpose of this spiritual round-table conference is to decide the lessons you will learn in the life to come. These are Soul Contracts, being written by you as you get ready to pursue the next ride to Earth. You and your soul tribe together are looking down and out into the future, to see what most serves and benefits all of your soul learning together.

 So, let me provide you an example of a Soul Contract experience that was meant to be played out per the contract instructions for a client of Moon’s: “A daughter stays by her mother’s side day in and day out. Not resting. Not eating. Not showering. Deciding she will never leave her mother’s side. Four days pass when a nurse, concerned for the health and well-being of the daughter, suggest taking a short break from the room to grab a coffee to refresh. The daughter agrees and quickly glides down the long hospital hallways to the lunchroom to grab her coffee. Within this time, her mother suddenly starts slipping away from the body and into the waiting embrace of the Angels in Heaven where her loved ones await. As the daughter, makes her way back to her mother’s hospital room, fear comes over her when she enters the room. She sombrely observes her mother’s lifeless and motionless body. In great sadness, the daughter questions why she left to go get that “damn” coffee and not be here for her mother when she passed.”

Moon takes this opportunity to share how the contract had a clause in it that the daughter was not to be present when the mother passed away. So, the mother’s soul knew to wait till she left the room to cross over. The mother, according to the Soul Contract, made an agreement that the daughter was to be kept from such sorrow because the daughter is a wallower. This means, the daughter would have kept that moment in her mind, forever, and never move forward with it. Forgetting all the wonderful memories her mother and she shared together. All those moments would be a shadow in the wake of this one memory. The mother wanted the daughter to remember her in life, not in death, and not in this way.

So, when you are not present at a death, it is because you were never meant to be. It was already agreed upon and those agreements can never be changed or argued away.

Are they OK with what I am doing now?

As soon as your loved one passes away, they no longer can provide input or advice on a living Soul Contract currently playing out. However, your loved one can support you while you are going through your life, like your own personal cheerleader. Each energy that surrounds you, has their role to play or job to follow.

Moon uses a really good example when explaining this in more depth: “You sudden find yourself in the midst of a car accident and you see the soul of your grandmother out of the corner of your eye. You surprisingly just miss the other car that was heading right for you. You are now very much convinced grandma saved you from this car accident and you start telling everyone as much. However, this is not the case, at all.

A warning signal, in so many words, goes off in your Soul Contract timeline of learning. This warning is felt and understood by all who were a part of your Soul Contract who’ve passed on. Once the signal is received by those souls, they begin to gather in observance and support as you endure it, however the outcome plays out.

Then suddenly you hear in your mind, “HURRY! Turn your wheel to the right!” You are frozen and can’t seem to move or do as the directions are being said in your mind. All sudden, the car is jerked towards the right and completely avoids the accident that was about to take place. 

Those directive words running through your mind were your Spirit Guides speaking to you. They are the guides who direct you to do certain things like “Let that car go first. Give that man $5.00 because he needs it more than you. Don’t lie to her. Be truthful.” When you don’t listen to the voice, especially in times like this, your team of Angels will intervene and turn the car for you because it was in your Soul Contract to survive unharmed from this incident. It was not meant to be learned from in the capacity it could have. You were meant to stay on earth! The Angels who moved your car, were instructed to do so per your Soul Contract. So, let’s review those roles once more… Your Spirit Guides guide. Your Angels’ intervene. Your loved ones simply support. Nothing more, nothing less!

Whatever you choose to learn or experience from this life, is up to you. No one is learning your life EXCEPT you. So, those choices cannot be made by anyone else except you. Not even your passed loved ones. Your guides provide you options throughout your life because you are meant to learn from certain paths but again, your free will choose which path it most wants to learn from. And if you are unhappy with the choices, you’ve made and are feeling stuck, it’s simply changing the menu of choices and going on a new path of learning and experiencing. The choice is truly up to you!

Can I interview you?

Moon loves the opportunity to teach and speak to an audience ready to learn and grow. Although she can’t accept every invite presented to her, she does however feel honoured to be asked to speak. So, if you call the shop directly, Moon’s Personal Assistant, Yvonne, will help you process your request to Moon’s Public Relations Team.

Want your question answered in one of my blog posts?

Send me your ideas for blog posts via the contact form. I have so many ideas and so much to share, but I absolutely love and always open to suggestions and topics of interest.

I've been searching for a mentor. Can you mentor me?

If you seek to learn more about your journey and who you are meant to be in this world, we suggest venturing over to the Soul Transformation Session where you will have one on one time with Moon where you learn so much about yourself, your journey, your mission, your purpose, and more!

Now, before we jump in with both feet, Moon desires to work with only souls who can remove their ego, ‘know it all’ attitude, and ‘I’m better than you’ way of thinking. Moon will not agree to work or mentor anyone that brings these aspects to the table. Her objective for this kind of session is to bring your loving and caring nature for others, to the forefront. She wants to make sure you are going to go out into the world and do only good with your path, purpose, and mission and not hurt anyone along the way with the more negative aspects we mentioned earlier. If you truly want to help others and are open to learning without the ego coming to the surface, then this is the PERFECT session to get more acquainted with.

(This session only allows for a 3 day, one on one time with Moon, so if you seek a longer mentorship, please contact Moon’s Personal Assistant, Yvonne, by calling the shop directly.)