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Hi, i'm Moon

I am a Galactic Representative from a realm called Kalenia.

I know! I know! Most who hear this usually look at me as if I’m nuts. That’s only because they aren’t fully awakened to the evolutionary change Earth is now enduring. But it’s true!

I help those who are going through a spiritual awakening.

The soul, with all its chakras, is like a key to the soul in alignment with the body. When clients find their way to me, they haven’t unlocked these parts of themselves, yet. It’s like they’re in a car on neutral. This is what causes you to feel lost, rudderless, and confused about who you are or what the point is to your life. I’ll help you unlock the soul key to open up the pathway you’re meant to travel.

Discover the Answers you Seek

I’m Grieving

“Is my loved one who passed away still around, watching over us?”

This session is for those seeking to reconnect to their loved ones who have crossed to the other side. Shed light on questions you’ve always had, find the closure you’ve been needing, and finally feel a divine release from the suffering and pain.

I’m Disconnected

“How can I reconnect with my Spirit Guides & Masters to shed light on my deepest questions?”

During this session, you’ll connect with your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters who possess your Soul Contract to find the closure and divine release you’ve been needing.

I’m Curious

“Where has my soul been & what’s my purpose for this lifetime?”

Take a journey into your Soul Life Book which is the origins of all your past lives and current directly from Heaven’s Sacred Database. You’ll discover where you’ve been and how to harness your gifts.

Want to know what a session is like?

“I’ve always been open to the spiritual realm, but what I experienced was the most enlightening, comforting, mind blowing experience.”

Spirit talk Blog

Transform Your Fear

Transform Your Fear

When you take a look in the mirror, I want you to ponder on the times you’ve felt fear. Every time that you look at yourself in the mirror, that mirror that represents your family


I arrived in 2009 from a tragic car accident. Christina, the original host of the vessel, was t-boned at 60 mph through her driver’s side. She crossed over to Heaven and I entered or “walked-in” to take the mission to greater heights. This “switch of consciousness” is already agreed up before the host even entered the conception stage of Earth’s learning process. My consciousness entered the body with a vibrational book of knowledge that I was to bring to the world. Not only from Heaven but also from other worldly portals, galaxies, and races. I was able to enter Earth’s “amnesia veil” with this information untainted and intact, without the veil between this world and the rest.

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Need a little inspiration and momentum to go deeper down your path of spiritual awakening? Imagine the delight of a new spiritual package in the mail each month, curated with 6 – 8 items of magical elements and handcrafted products to bring your soul to a deeper level. Items include: Herbalism and Apothecary, Oracle and Divination, Crystals, Incense and Aromatherapy, Teas and Spiritual Growth Tools.

I’m Not From Here & Neither Are You Book

Moon’s memoir is coming soon! Read her amazing story of soul consciousness transportation from her planet of Kalenia into the body of Christina, after a tragic car accident. Moon is not from this world and within these mystical pages, she will help you realize the cosmic being you are because you are not from Earth either. Her book will not only bring awareness to your soul’s cosmic identity but also prepare you for the next stage of your own spiritual evolution.

Mystical Realms Oracle Deck

Mystical Realms is all about possessing your own personal enchantments and magical intuitive powers. It doesn’t matter where you came from, how you grew up, or what religion you are. If there is a love of spirit in your heart, then you already have everything you need. This unique deck creates a sacred space for children (as well as adults!) with spiritual gifts. I’ve created this deck to give a sense of belonging in a sacred environment that creates a loving bond between the world of the physical and the world of the spirit.