The desire to Know the Guides is Strong with this One

For those of you who know me, I’m a big Star Wars nerd! Yes, I’ll be the first one to admit it. However, Star Wars episodes hold many truths in what we deal with in this lifetime. The Guides are big part of every one’s journeys and soul paths. So, let’s take the time to get to know them better. Shall we?…

Who Are My Spirit Guides?

The very first question I receive in a Spirit Guide Session is…

“Can you tell me who my guides are?” To me this is a loaded question. I love the enthusiasm that a client brings to this type of session. It means they thirst to know more about who they are communicating with, HOWEVER, it’s not my job to place these images and words into their minds. Actually, NO ONE should! I have the gift of knowing all about your Guides. Who they are? Where they came from? What they look like? What each one is doing for you. What their names are. However, I am refrained from doing so. I will go more into why this is but let’s start off this loaded question with some fundamental Spirit Guide basics. And NO this won’t be boring… So, bare with me as I break this down for you.

What is a Spirit Guide?

Before your decision to come into this life, you had to create a foundation for your life to stand on and someone to help you build it all. You are now standing before a large holographic screen with some “workers” you “hired” to help you do the job. As you stand in this meeting, you start to lay the ground work for your mission. What you are going to do? Who you are going to meet and learn from? Who are you meant to help? Who is meant to help you? Who you are meant to marry or not marry? Whether you want gifts or not have gifts. Whether you are rich or whether you are poor. Whether you have children or not. Whether you die several times or just once. How many sicknesses will you want to learn from and how many injuries you will endure? Will your parents be enlightened beings or will they challenge your spirit to its core? Will you have pets to learn from or will a friend have a pet you adore and help take care of? Where will you live and will you travel and live in different places or stay in one area? Will you be spiritual or will you learn from a religion or many religions? These are just a few thousand paths you will have the opportunity to choose from. By creating many paths to consider whilst here on Earth, gives the soul a chance at truly learning from the path of choice. It is almost like a big buffet of paths and choices. Choosing pizza over the corn and when you choose pizza will it lead you to an interesting path or one that you will endure great trials in order to grow in strength. The ground work is called your “Soul Contract.” And the “workers” are your Guides. So, while you are here on Earth, your “workers” help guide you in the best direction and paths you asked for them to guide you on. That which is most beneficial to your soul’s learning.

Guided Intuitive Messages

Your Guides will use multiple ways to communicate your path decisions and spiritual conversations to you. Most of the time it feels like you are having conversations with yourself. I’m here to tell you… YOU AREN’T. In Heaven, we don’t use physical mouthing to communicate with each other but rather the mind telepathically. This would not change just because you came to Earth and placed an Earthly vessel over your soul. Your Guides would continue this communication no matter what.

Many say, “Follow your gut” and this is a good idea but I say, “Follow your mind.” Pay closer attention to the thoughts that are being placed for the messages come more clear in this way of talking to your Guides. Yes, your Guides will give you feeling in the “pit of your stomach” emotion to warn you of things to come but the mind is what is going to set you free from feeling lost and alone. It’s like picking up a telephone and calling your Guide. We as humans tend to make this more difficult for ourselves and make it seem it’s impossible to do this simple action. Remember, dark is of confusion, God and light are of simplicity. Don’t allow dark to make things more difficult than they have to be. Dark will do all it can to keep you from communicating with your Guides and if you allow them to make you think it’s too hard or overwhelming to try, then they win over your freedom of knowing things better.

Intuitive insight 

A voice inside your head says, “The cashier gave you too much money. Return what is not yours.” What you didn’t know, had you kept that money, was that the owner doesn’t take mistakes likely and the cashier would of lost his job. Or you hear, “Pull over and get away from the car behind you.” You pull over and allow the car to pass you and then you realize a mile down the road, he rear ended someone. That could of been you! You think these thoughts simply appear out of nowhere but which in turn are important messages that your Guides want you to notice more. Many people tune out their intuition, but it’s more valuable to you than money!

My Guidance in Helping Others

In 2015, I was shown how to do a meditation that would take anyone wanting to know their guides right to them without any influence on my part. My Guide, Maria, showed me the proper way of pulling in this energy. Anyone can now simply listen to my voice and follow the instructions within the mediation. I simply walk you right to your Guide(s) and they take it from there. I NEVER influence any information on behalf of the Guide(s). In one on one sessions, I will, however, confirm by taking notes of what your Guide(s) look like and what they show me about your path with them. It’s neat to compare notes with my client so they can ACTUALLY SEE they aren’t making this up in their mind. When you doubt what you are being shown, you are only hindering yourself from progressing and growing.

In the Bible, John 20: 24-29 to be exact, in the days of after Jesus’ “Resurrection” there were great arguments and counter arguments circling of Jesus’ risen energy. Among these scoffers was Thomas. One of the disciples who attended the “Last Supper” but who was referred to as the “Twin.” Jesus was suddenly among the disciples in the house of gathering. This astonished the disciples because Jesus’s body was not governed by the laws of Earth’s natural order. A traditional greeting was met by Jesus’ lips. “Peace be with you.” This was also a calming way for Jesus to reassure the disciples that all is well. Jesus, in his “all knowing” state of energy turned immediately to Thomas already knowing his thoughts and advised Thomas to place his into the gapping wound within in his side from the solider’s spear days prior. By allowing Thomas to do this action, he was showing him love but above all to simply BELIEVE. I will never forget the word spoken in such a high command by Jesus for he was no longer human but GOD! “BELIEVE!” Jesus commanded.

Thomas believed because he saw with his own eyes. Jesus teaches that belief comes from the soul and to believe gives you more power than seeing. You truly learn from your soul’s path of enlightenment by simply believing and not having to see what you want to believe. Your Guide(s) ask the same from you. As well as, your loved ones passed who reach out daily to show you you are not alone without their energy beside you, supporting you.

So, How Can I Hear My Guides?

It would be so great if your Guides simply just called you on the phone and tell you what you need to know for the day or to watch out for someone coming into your life that you don’t really need to learn from unless you choose to do so. Or that your child needs you and to drop everything to go to them. It takes time and practice to be able to hear, see, and feel your Guides. The first step takes me back the beginning of the is blog. Simply being mindful and listening is your very first step. “Slow down.” “Take notice.” “Go this way.” “Go that way.” Too many dismiss their own inner compass of intuition. But see what happens when you ignore it?

Do NOT mistake your own Ego for your Intuition. Ego will always tell you what to do and never provide you with choices. Ego will be proud and self-gaining, as well as, not so nice to others in the process. If you hear thoughts like, “Don’t bother helping them.” or “He’ll never go out with someone like you.” or “You aren’t smart enough to go higher up in your career. Just give it up and move on.” These are dark thoughts that dark creates within the Ego base energy that lingers on Earth. This will sometimes get mistakes for your Guides. Your Guides are so super positive and only have your best interest at heart. If it seems that your mind tells you NOT to do something or “puts you down” it is NOT your Guides speaking to you! Your Guides love you beyond any emotion felt here. They would never EVER discourage you from taking a path that you feel you would love to learn from nor would they ever put you down in the ways of guiding you. So, please take notice of your mindful thoughts when it comes to these patterns. When you hear negative communications like this, call in Angel Michael to remove the dark energy that is causing it.

TAKE BACK CONTROL OF WHAT BELONGS TO YOU! Your mind is your own and God’s. Dark CAN NOT claim what it does NOT own!

Next, ask your Guides for what you need and want and watch for signs that they’ve heard your request. For example. license plates. Any time I seek confirmation that my Guides are listening, they show me 22 or 12. You can even go as far as seeing a license plate saying a word like “GO 4 IT” when needing to choose a path you desire to go towards. You just have to be assertive in your awareness of these signs.

There are many ways they provide signs that you are being heard. Maybe you are looking to take up a guitar lessons and you are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and see a post or post(s) about guitars or music that involves a guitar soloist. Or maybe you go to your car and there is a fly attached to your windshield wiper advertising guitar lessons in your area. The benefit to these signs is that you can always use these are backup references to look upon later.

Another great step to take is opening a document on your computer or getting a journal and simply write down some questions you’d like to ask your guides. Quiet your mind and type up the answers as you hear them come to you.  Just keep going as if you’re having a conversation with them.  It may seem like you’re just typing answers from your imagination or you feel like you are making it up, but keep going.  There will come a point where the answers you’re typing or getting don’t feel like your own voice, so take notice of what they are saying.

You can also open your dream world to them. Having nightly meetings where you can converse your path with them on a regular basis. They actually welcome this avenue of communication. Now, you may not always remember all of the things said but rather a feeling of gained knowledge after waking. This method may take a while to master but giving up shouldn’t be part of your soul’s makeup if you are seeking their one on one guidance.

If you find these steps difficult, you can seek out a medium that has a gift specifically geared to speaking with the Guides, like myself, who can clear up the communication for you and get you towards the path of understanding,

Am I Just Imagining Them?

My very first answer to you is no! You’ll soon understand the communication given to you is not of your own. It will resonate with you in some way and makes sense. Once on a trip to a group reading I started talking to Maria about time which ended up being this 45 minute long conversation but she said something to me that blew my hair back. Something my soul knew but in the physical, I had forgotten but one I’d like to share with you so you can understand the difference between conversations with ourselves and the Guides. I asked her that if we can go to any time frame and not have to reincarnate linearly, why doesn’t a soul go to the time of Hitler and reverse the actions taken during that time. She said and I will never forget it, “If someone had, would you know?” It stunned me for a second because I had to truly think about it.

She’s right! If someone had gone back and removed Hitler from his post of learning, we as soul’s would never know because the timeline would change and we would be unknowing of those changes of alignment taking place. The change would just make sense within in our time.

When it comes to your Guides, they should appear to you the same way every time. You will also gain great results in listening to their counsel. You will always know you are on the right track but if you get your wires crossed and unsure of what they are showing you, allow a TRUE communicator to help you sort out the cobwebs of communication. Always make sure the person you go to is true, honest, and has your best interest. You should feel complete and confirmed in your session with them. If you leave with more unanswered questions, then that “communicator” is not connected and is lying to you. Don’t allow this to happen. Always ALWAYS ALWAYS do your research on them first!!!

If you enjoyed this blog, please tell us what you thought and share with your friends so they can understand their Guides, as well.

Divine Blessings,


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