JOIN ME ON A powerful healing JOURNEY over three days 1:1 via Zoom Video

ARE Old beliefs, memories & subconscious disturbances   Preventing your soul from inner peace and wellbeing?

I’ve been a Transformational Specialist for many, many years and have helped hundreds of individuals through this kind of spiritual medicine. Just like these amazing souls, I can help you step into deep ethereal healing and soul transformation. Through this powerful transformational process, we will tap into your ‘higher-self’ on this life-changing journey that will open the compelling parts of your soul and remove the deepest traumas and pain. These parts hold you back from your soul purpose and path from obtaining its full inner capacity.

You are more than what you see

This three day one on one session with Moon is performed online for those seeking to expand one’s conscious awareness through two techniques.

The first is training the mind in looking at one’s world through a higher perspective of one’s soul.
The second is through experiencing oneself as an energy being capable of many possibilities.

It is amazing how a shift in perception can propel an individual through a limited idea, belief, depressive state or even an illness. Energetic experiences develop one’s intuition, connection, release of traumas, blockages, and so much more…

These two processes create an accelerated shift in one’s reality!

Soul Mentoring

This session is designed for individuals seeking accelerated soul expansion and healing or those that feel that they are stuck and wish to move to the next level of their experience and growth.

Creating a rapid shift in perception by gaining a better understanding of what it is that you are experiencing and shifting. Your energetic space will gain momentum when you rise to a higher vibration as you move through any personal limitations, breaking the boundaries that prevent you from truly expressing yourself. It allows you to see your life from a higher perspective giving yourself greater clarity.

What you will receive

This unique, one of kind, program is customized to your vision and needs as a soul.
(Limited spots are available)


1:1 Support, consultations and reviews

3 days of one-on-one support & soul life guidance.

2-3 hours a day of support via Zoom or Facebook Video Chat. Work on what’s most important to you in a safe space. (Please call the shop 814-254-4523 to be scheduled in for an in shop one-on-one version with Moon).

Soul consultation & review of personal desires for one’s life. Help you understand your reality & experiences through higher perspective.

An expression of your ‘possible’ gifts. Developing your super sensitive senses, understanding more about yourself as you develop your intuition.

Gifts & Tools to Support Your Journey

A bundle package of intuitively chosen crystals & metaphysical items to help assist you along the way sent to you via your mailing address provided upon purchasing or presented to you in shop.

A Leather Bound, Personally Engraved Journal for all mindful documentation along your new transformational path with customized crystal pen.

Spiritually activated high vibrational Angelic Light Code Language symbol specifically painted and designed by me to bring forth immense frequency energies to elevate you into your dream life.
Detox what no longer serves you

Removal of soul cords that no longer serve your learning by cutting & detoxing old energy patterns. Break the boundaries of your mind & let go of limiting beliefs.

Detox Soak that will remove toxins from the body. The detox soak is custom created by me to release heavy energy particles from their auric field that they’ve absorbed over years.

Look into current limitations & patterns by shifting through them consciously. This session is only for those seeking to change and raise their awareness to things that are holding them back and READY for a soul shift transformation!

Theta Brain Wave Healing sent via recorded mp3 delivered to your email to be used as you go into a pure Theta state of mind meditation.

Balance your body and raise your vibration

Evaluation of your Craniosacral rhythm through Intuitive Therapy.

A full body Chakra and Amethyst Heated Mat with Binaural Beats to relax the mind while elevating the DNA Light Codes during a Full Chakra Alignment (In Shop Package Only).

Singing Bowl Vibrational Healing and Hz Tones raising the soul code frequencies recording delivered to you by email.

Chakra Alignment and balance of the Chakra Centers.


Astrological Crystal Prescription of gems assigned to you at birth, during your Soul Contract creation.

Increase your energy levels & increase your capacity to hold Light (this done through your crystal prescription).

Crystal Body Layout examples suggested by Moon, in PDF format and sent to you by email, to assist in your soul’s mission, higher self connection, and path.

Align with your cosmic soul by creating the sacred space of healing energy routines that thrive on balance, peace, & love. Learn crystal layout through Moon’s interior crystal design program to help raise your spiritual goals during this new path of transition.

Connect with the spirit Realm

Re-connection to your past loved ones for any soul clarity & closure needed.

Review of any past lives that are playing a significant role in the current life path being played out.

Receive personal guidance through your vivid dream space.

Channeled guidance from your Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, & Cosmic Support Team.

Obtain detailed knowledge on who your Spirit Animals are and how they are helping you during your soul transformational path, as well as ways to connect and focus on their energetic intent in your life, delivered by email in PDF format Worksheet, to help raise your soul’s frequency of guidance and support.

Discover your specifically chosen Spirit Guides and beings who support your purpose on earth through the spectrum of angels, ancestors, gods, and goddess. Each guide offering a unique blend of skills and wisdom to share with you during your new path of soul awareness, in PDF format Worksheet delivered by email.

After difficult and confusing relationships, align with your soul’s true desires by bridging the gap between manifesting and limitless possibility, sent by email through PDF format Worksheet and MP3 Meditation format, the Divine Love frequency will bring a huge shift by breaking free old patterns and realigning your energy source.


Get everything in the standard package,


Gain insight and full access to how to start your own business. Tips and tricks to help you create your business in order to gain the right customers and clients for you.

You will also receive an Abundance Crystal Grid Layout Method, with the New Business Package, in order to elevate your soul path vibration towards this new grand adventure.


There are two package options to choose from:



All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy.

Keep reading to learn more about how the booking process works.

How the booking process works


Select your session type from the two options here.


Please make sure to check the email address you entered when you go through the payment process is correct. A pre-session instructional document for you to look over will be sent to that email after the team receives your purchase order.


No more than three cancellations are considered. After the third, no more appointments can be made and your purchase will not be refunded nor exchanged. It’s the ‘3 strikes you’re out rule.’

Once you have sent us the relevant confirmations, Moon’s personal assistant will reply back letting you know when your reading will take place or be received.


It is not possible to refund your session after you have purchased it – this is due to Moon’s spiritual information process being received by your Guides about your Soul Contract before your reading with your Guides begins, even though she doesn’t know who you are before the session takes place. This takes energy to obtain and if a retract on a session takes place, that is information wasted, as well as time that could of been spent with another client needing a session. Once she has started this process with your Guides and invested that time with them on your reading, a refund is not possible. Please visit our No Refunds Policy page here.

Moon’s approach

Moon has been reading client soul contracts since 2014. Her desire to help others and the honesty in her teachings are what pulls so many people to listen and learn from her. Moon communicates messages EXTREMELY differently than any other ‘reader’ out there, so we ask that you please do not come into the session with expectations of a specific way of being read that you may be used to by other ‘readers.’ This will be a whole new experience for you to explore.

Moon does NOT perform psychic readings or read fortunes. She does NOT implant spiritual information out of divine timing which is what you may get by going to someone who does perform this type of reading. It can be a gambling risk with your soul journey, if not performed properly. To gain future insight, one MUST have access and clearance to your own person Soul Database, Life Book, or Soul Contracts. If they do not, they can tamper with your Free Will and the path you are MEANT to take in life and learn from correctly.

“This course is EVERYTHING and more! I didn’t want it to end.”

I have been planning and overthinking how to write the perfect testimonial to Moon Eir expressing my love and gratitude for all I have learned from my Soul Transformation session in February. It was 3 days of amazing! Working directly with Moon was so easy and natural. She made me feel like a best friend. As soon as the course description was posted, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I was especially excited to include the online business package. We discussed branding and how to create my own web page with advice and referrals to get my business up and running. Moon has helped me to accelerate my gifts. I am receiving messages and signs more quickly now.

During the sessions, Moon was in touch with my loved ones, we worked together with my guides, discussed past lives and circumstances from this life which were blocking my progress to move forward and then she taught me how to overcome them. She also performed a cord cutting. A soul kit was spiritually prepared by Moon which included a beautiful leather personalized journal with my name engraved on it, hand picked crystals, oils, a candle, pyramids, a grid and a foot soak in an engraved memory wood box. She also created me my own personal meditations to work with that had her own singing bowl music and vocals. I was dreaming of starting my own healing practice and dedicating my time to working with those in need, especially children. Fear and doubt held me back for such a long time.

After my Soul Transformation Session, I made the decision to put in for my retirement from a job that I invested 21 years of my life.

In June, I will begin my next journey in this lifetime. I will follow my soul purpose and passion using the spiritual and business tools Moon taught me. Moon Eir, my heart is filled with love and gratitude. You truly put every ounce of your heart and soul into each individual you work with. I am truly blessed to know you. In love & light, Evelyn”


– Evelyn Falcone
“I am learning so much that would have given me such anxiety but with Moon’s guidance, my confidence has grown. “

“I just want to express a heartfelt thank you to Moon for my experience during my Soul Transformation Session. Moon was kind and compassionate and we spent a few days really diving deep into my soul’s purpose and mission. I must say after these classes, I received a job offer. I am treated with respect and my hard work is already being recognized as a valuable member of the team. Plus, I have the freedom to work from home. Also, I see more family and friends being drawn to me for support and encouragement. I have become more of a light to help them in their daily lives. Thank you Moon for helping me believe in myself and what I am capable of accomplishing.”


– Nita Gee


There are two package options to choose from:



All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy.

Keep reading to learn more about how the booking process works.