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Cleansing life’s stresses & traumas from the perspective of your Soul Contract

Are you suffering from

Traumatic, Challenging, Unresolved, or Addictive Relationships:

Past, Present, or Future?

I have healed hundreds from trauma, anxiety and worries by cutting old toxic cords and allowing clients a fresh new outlook on those situations. Sessions can be done online or in person at my Crystal Cove Spa.

I go in and “see” with my Spiritual Vision, your full Soul Contract mapping of your soul (past, present, and future). I will then take a look for any color dis-formations of learning. Each color representing a situational level of learning your soul has or is going through. When that is provided, I am able to cut the cords that no longer serve your higher self. Situations, events, and even people who hold you back from progressing as a soul. You will leave this session feeling renewed and ready to experience new paths.

Let go of the  Heavy energy weighing you down

Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop daydreaming about an ex even though you know deep down he (or she) is a terrible match for you? Or perhaps, you felt guilt-tripped after talking to a family member and can’t get the conversation out of your head?

These are just some examples of the energetic cords that impact our experience of learning from another person. These energy cords (sometimes called ethereal or etheric cords) are connective tubes that allow the transmission of information, energy and emotion between spirits.

What are cords?

Cords are often not visible to most people, yet, with training to visually see the aura and chakra system, it is possible to see them visually. Where one feels emotionally drained or empowered, physical heat, tingling, or pain, is where the cord connects to the physical body; right where the Solar Plexus center is located on the body.

As souls, we understand that we can not be corded unless we have given permission (consciously or unconsciously) for that cord to be there. This agreement usually takes place through the Soul Contract development before coming to earth.​

We can have energy cords not only with people, but also with loved ones that have crossed over so it is essential to perform energetic hygiene to check and remove cords on a regular basis. It is often beneficial to clear family cords (no matter how well intentioned) because we often have ‘codependent cording’ which is interpreted as loving but actually drains both parties involved. If a relationship has been verbally, sexually or physically abusive, the cording traps us like a spider web to the past, lost in unconscious, unhealthy patterns. Sometimes I see clients that are looking for love but are not ‘energetically available’ because they are still tied to an old partner (either in the present life or in a past life).

Kind of Cords to Consider Cutting

Having a clean slate from a previous relationship, parentship, or even friendship following a break up or “walking away” will give all souls involved the closure needed and a chance to move on.



All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy.

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the transformation process

Client Before Session

Client After Session


This session is performed energetically for a 1 to 2 hour period, depending on how many cords will need cut or adjusted. No contact needs made during this procedure. However, if Moon feels something has caught her attention during the cord cutting that she feels you need to be aware of, she will provide that summary of knowledge and concerns via email.

Moon usually only focuses on 3 to 5 main relationship cords of interest per session to better understand the dynamics of those relationships. She will not cut more than those cords in a session and some of the time, these kinds of cords take time to sever and heal at both ends. If she is shown by spirit to cut more than 5 cords within a session, she will contact you via email to discuss this action and why she took those measures.

Depending on the cord(s) she chooses to cut, results will vary. You may have a heavy impact or a moderate one depending on the energy behind the cord created.
After the session, you may have symptoms of the following:
• nausea
• headache/migraine
• back pain
• chest pain
• sudden bouts of crying out of nowhere

Payment is due before your session time. It is not possible to refund missed appointments. You may call the shop to have your session rescheduled, however after 3 attempts to reschedule have been made, no more will be attempted. There are no refunds on any sessions.

How the booking process works


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Please make sure to check the email address you entered when you go through the payment process is correct. A pre-session instructional document for you to look over will be sent to that email after the team receives your purchase order.
Your reading must be redeemed within one week from purchase. NO exceptions! No more than three cancellations are considered. After the third, no more appointments can be made and your purchase will not be refunded nor exchanged. It’s the ‘3 strikes you’re out rule.’
Once you have sent us the relevant confirmations, Moon’s personal assistant will reply back letting you know when your reading will take place or be received.


It is not possible to refund your session after you have purchased it – this is due to Moon’s spiritual information process being received by your Guides about your Soul Contract before your reading with your Guides begins, even though she doesn’t know who you are before the session takes place. This takes energy to obtain and if a retract on a session takes place, that is information wasted, as well as time that could of been spent with another client needing a session. Once she has started this process with your Guides and invested that time with them on your reading, a refund is not possible. Please visit our No Refunds Policy page here.

Moon’s approach

Moon’s desire to help others and the honesty in her teachings are what pulls so many people to listen and learn from her. Moon communicates messages very differently than any other ‘reader’ out there, so we ask that you please do not come into the session with expectations of a specific way of being healed or expect a profound, extreme change to your life minutes to hours after the healing is performed. Every client has experienced different symptoms and results. Some have been profound and immediate while others have been more subtle but very noticeable weeks to months later. Keep an open mind and allow the energy to flow within you. Providing you a divine energy of confidence and love in yourself.



All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy.