HouseEntity Removal

What is a house entity attachment?

Millions of people are suffering emotionally and physically for reasons unknown to them on a daily basis. Many undergo conventional and unconventional treatments, which don’t bring long lasting results or results at all.

When a soul of someone who dies on property, a portal of energy opens and any dark entity can come and go. When an entity attaches itself to a living person or place, that victim, who was once healthy and happy, will start to experience emotional disturbances and unexplained physical ailments. The portal that was created, WILL NEED CLOSED and ANY entities removed and sent back from which they came from.

Entity attachments to either a person or property can happen to anyone, anywhere. Entity property attachments are often the cause of many things in one’s life going inexplicably wrong.

Common Symptoms

of entity/property attachment

  • Lack of energy or feeling overtired
  • Feel great when outside of the house/room but when you return you immediately feel low, drained, and depressed
  • Recurring negative dreams
  • Disturbed or interrupted sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Waking up suddenly in fear or in cold sweats
  • Sudden onset of disinterested in life
  • Hopelessness and severe depression
  • Constantly feeling cold or have chills at particular times in the day
  • Powerful negative emotions
  • Lack of clarity or not thinking straight
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Mood swings and/or abnormal behavior
  • Being avoided by others
  • Feeling subtle vibrations in body or while laying in bed
  • Wanting things to be dark by closing the curtains & not allowing light into the house or room
  • Intrusive or obsessive thoughts
  • Sudden relationship problems & arguments
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Tightness around body parts
  • Sudden memory loss or hazy thinking
  • Constant abdominal pains, nausea, or headaches
  • Suicidal thoughts and tendencies
  • Sensing, seeing, and/or hearing non-physical presences around the house
  • Hearing inner negative voices
  • Seeing things that aren’t there
  • Feelings of being watched from a hallway or closet
  • Strange skin sensations (skin feels like it was burned or hot)
  • Being touched, even feelings of rape or private areas being sensitive
  • Sudden addictions or already existing addictions become worse

what it feels like to remove an entity

When entities are removed from either a person or place, the person often describes the sensational feeling as if a warrior of God came over them and removed a heavy substance or the residence felt much lighter and happier. They finally feel free! Others have described it as heavy baggage was being removed from them that they have been carrying around for years. The feeling of calmness, happiness, lightness, and having more motivation to live gives them more energy and clear thinking. Sometimes their facial expressions change. Before a removal takes place, they have a dull, lifeless, sick look about them, as if they’ve just been diagnosed with cancer but after a removal is performed a new lighter, full of life energy shines through and a sparkle comes back into their eyes.

Many do not understand how energy can take hold of objects such as a Ouija Board, a Tarot Deck that contains the energy of the devil within it, or intentional / unintentional curses placed or used on a property. This kind of energy can become much harder and more time consuming to remove from a sacred space, like your home or physical body. In these types of cases, the individual is mocked by the entity that has taken form within the residence. When I come into homes like this, I often hear the same thing from the entity, “Why should I leave? I was invited.” This is where the time consuming comes in! When I arrive on scene, all negative energy that lingers will be removed and gone. Dark energy recognizes my soul on the other side and in turn… do NOT like dealing with me when I come into a home or business. I have had many incidents where I was kept from going to a place because ‘they’ knew I was on my way to remove them. The removal of these beings is part of my mission’s perimeters. It is what I am known for on the other side. They’ know once I am on scene, I never have to go back and redo the process of removal over again. And I never have!

About Moon

There are some energies that can be dispelled with sage, prayer, and holy words. Then there are the tough ones that must be removed by teams of divine beings under the direction of Moon. She will address each type of undesirable attachment and use the most effective method to extract them from you, your family, and your home or business. One of Moon’s many gifts, is possessing the knowledge of divine wisdom on what entity is in the home, why it’s there, who it’s targeting, and the means of removing it. This knowledge is provided to her by the Angel who works alongside her during these removals.

Many issues exist that might be affecting you. Moon will identify the type and quantity of entity attachments, look at the health of your soul for; damage, fragmentations, portals, and/or past life issues and traumas. Once she diagnosis the issue(s), she will make a plan of action to free you from what’s been holding you back.

In addition to being cleansed of entity attachments and possible portals, you will be protected from future attacks and receive a 24 to 48 hour protection to give you a chance to build your spiritual muscles and regain your strength. Moon will cut all cords that do not serve you and you will receive a healing procedure to start you on the road to full recovery.

Won’t it be a relief to know for SURE whether you need help? Make an appointment for a New Client Consultation so your situation can be examined closely by Moon.


Online House Entity Removal Session

In-Person House Entity Removal Session

* In-person session must be within an 8 hour drive of Johnstown, PA.

All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy.

“People need to know how amazing Moon truly is and how much she has helped my family and I!

When we moved back to our hometown, we found this beautiful house we fell in love with. However, two weeks into being in our new home, things started getting weird. I remember it was a Thursday night and we were finally all getting settled in when my son fell asleep on the couch in our living room. My girlfriend went to bed upstairs in our bedroom. At around 3:30am, I went upstairs to go to the bathroom but before entering the top of the steps, I saw my girlfriend waving me into our room. She could hardly breath or talk. I got her inhaler and after about a minute or two, she finally was able to express to me what was happening to her. She told me about a horrible dream she had. She explained to me that a black figured woman, dressed in all black, with long, black, scraggly hair had a very bad smell to her. She also said she had an upside down cross on her forehead but the cross looked like it was melted into her forehead. She saw this thing suck my 4 year old niece up into the ceiling and then came back down to pull my girlfriend to do the same to her. She kept insisting that it felt so real and was not really a dream! And to be honest, I’ve never seen her this scared in the 12 years we’ve been together.

As, we were talking about her ‘dream,’ I noticed our mirror hanging on the wall and it was directly across from our bedroom window. I asked my girlfriend why she would hang the mirror there because we both knew it can invite negative spirits into the house. I told her it needed a new place to be. After that incident, I told her I was going to the bathroom and then to bed. She told me to wait for her because she needed to go too but didn’t want to be alone. She was still feeling scared. As we were in the bathroom, we heard a LOUD bang. She jumped up and ran to our bedroom. The mirror we were just talking about was laying face down on our floor. That really spooked us both and we quickly ran downstairs. As soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs, the lights started flickering. We continued to run to the living room and the tv that was just on, SHUT OFF!

I pulled out our Bible and started praying to God. My son woke up while all this was going on and so we decided to stay in the living room, together. The next day, I messaged Moon on Facebook. I explained everything that had happened the night before and that we had just moved into this house and didn’t have the money to move.

Moon quickly came to our aid, that evening. I had the kids over at my sisters, to protect them, as Moon walked through our house with my girlfriend and Moon’s assistant, Yvonne. I could hear our smoke detectors going off and banging. After about a hour, my girlfriend came outside and had a quiet, dazed look on her face. I asked if she was ok and she said Moon said whatever was in our house attached itself to my girlfriend and the children because it preyed on the vulnerable, weak, and innocent. She also explained that because of all the trauma my girlfriend endured throughout her life, from childhood up until now, that this ‘thing’ preyed on her inner ‘weakness’. My girlfriend is very tough on the outside but emotionally struggles with trauma on the inside. The first thing Moon did for my girlfriend, before doing anything with the house, was cut an energetic attachment cord from my girlfriend, so this ‘thing’ couldn’t do any more harm to her.

My girlfriend eventually came to and wasn’t in such a daze and said she felt a ton of weight lift off her shoulders. So, whatever Moon did with that cord cutting, truly helped my girlfriend. Moon told us she eventually would ‘snap’ out of the daze and feel much better.

Moon began the process of finally removing whatever was in our house. My girlfriend stayed with her and Yvonne the whole time. After a few hours, I had to go to my house to grab something for one of the kids. When I walked in, Moon was getting ‘it’ out of the house. She started from the attic, which is 4 floors up, and worked her way down to the basement. She was about to go into the basement when I came in.

Moon told us how it was able to get into the house and as I was standing there listening, I could smell this foul odor. The best way I can describe that smell would be like feces sitting out on a warm day. The living room got really hot, as well. Moon explained to me that certain dark entities can have a foul odor much like when wear perfume or cologne. Which made complete sense! She explained that they were following the odor throughout the house and this ‘entity’ pretty much was giving itself away.

As Moon was finishing off the last floor of the house, my girlfriend came over to my sisters, where I had the children, and told me what she had just experienced. She said while Moon was in the basement, my girlfriend could hear screaming, crying, and wailing. Then she heard a loud roar. After Moon was done, she cleared up what those noises were. She said that the entity did NOT want to leave and return from where it came from… aka hell… where Moon was sending it back. It was truly amazing that my girlfriend could HEAR what Moon was doing to this entity to get it to leave our home.

It took Moon over 6 HOURS to completely rid our house of this dark energy. She said while she was in our basement, she found a very old talisman piece hidden in the rafters of the ceiling. This talisman had a strong connection to orphaned children and its purpose was to attack the weak and innocent. She took the item and burnt it till nothing was left of it. As the last tiny flame went out and the item was in ashes in our basement sink, the alarms in the house went off! We could feel a slight ‘whoosh’ go throughout the house, as if something was lifting or leaving our home.

Moon made sure to go over everything she did, step by step, in our house. She even placed black tourmaline crystals throughout our home for continued protection. She gave my son and girlfriend one of their own to keep on them. She left us a black protection candle and white cleansing candle that she brought with her. She also left us a bundle of sage so we can cleanse our house every day, from now on.

Moon was absolutely AMAZING! She truly, truly helped us more than she’ll ever know. Ever since she removed that evil from our home, we have not had any more problems. Moon also checked up on us the day after and still to this day, checks up on us. She is such a wonderful person. I seriously don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t come to help us. It was like Mary Magdalene showed up with a sword and armor to protect us. I never knew her past life was that of Mary Magdalene until this incident at my home but it makes sense now why I felt like Mary Magdalene had just walked into our home. I understand why she can do what she can within homes and why dark entities simply just listen to her when she shows up. When this all started, I knew there was only ONE person that could and WOULD help us get rid of it. That was Moon! She is absolutely the BEST!
My son Jonah literally brings Moon’s name up every day, if not every other day. He watches her YouTube videos quite often. He always says how he wants to be just like her. lol He wants to go and help people like she does. She’s been a great inspiration for him. They are best buds!”

“I am so grateful to Moon for restoring our sanity and bringing back the peace to our home, once again. I can’t express how much she’s helped us.

Hearing about Moon through a friend, I took my empathic daughter to see Moon, at her shop. At the time, my daughter didn’t know why she was experiencing so much paranormal activity and it scared her. While she was dealing with all of that, her good friend was suicidal and her empathic side could feel his emotions and just wanted to help him. When she returned home, she didn’t realize that a dark entity, that created the energy around her friend and his suicidal thoughts, was now attached to her. Her friend suddenly was feeling better but my daughter was NOT! She said she felt as if something was holding her down on her bed and would wake up with scratches on her arms, legs, and back. She was being tormented to the point where she didn’t want to live anymore. She was becoming so sick and frail from all the weight she was losing. She had dark circles under her eyes and looked like she was slowly dying. I needed to get her help right away which is why we went to Moon and why my friend was sent to me to tell me all about her.

Moon’s team suggested we work with the Smudging Spray and sage stick, they offered at the shop, to start out with and if we had any issues, we were to call them for further help. We went home and saged my daughter’s bedroom, her body, and saged around the doorways, windows, and corners of her room. She told me that she could hear the entity laughing and was working through her to laugh at what we were trying to do. She also saw it putting a knife in my back. We finally had enough! The next day, we went to Moon’s shop so I could tell her what has been happening with my daughter. When Moon saw her, she knew right away that my daughter was close to death and an immediate removal was to happen.  We walked over to Moon’s energy healing spa, next to the crystal shop, where she placed my daughter on the healing bed. I watched closely as Moon performed an entity detachment. Her assistant, Yvonne, recorded the whole session and took pictures for further reference. When Moon finished, she explained that we needed to go to our house to rid the property and cut the soul contract agreement that had taken place between my daughter and this entity.

When we arrived to the house, Moon began the removal process and Yvonne recorded the whole process for later viewing. Moon went right to the attic, the worst area in the house. She ‘saw’ three spirits lingering in certain areas. She even went into the attic cubby hole to remove energy. I was surprised that she went into every nook and cranny to make sure every inch of the house was ‘cleared.’ It took 3 whole sages to cleanse our home. She even went outside and performed a healing removal protection on the property and house.

My daughter immediately felt better and was pillow fighting with me that night. She hadn’t done that in a long time. The color came back to her face, she looked healthier and less frail as if she was a cancer patient. I could see the beauty of my daughter, returned. I am so grateful to Moon for restoring our sanity and bringing back the peace to our home, once again. I can’t express how much she’s helped us.


– Linda Blair

“I wouldn’t be on this beautiful path if it wasn’t for that day at the shop, where Moon changed the course of my destiny by helping me remove the one thing sent to kill me.

Not knowing too much about Moon and her shop, my mom took me there to see if there were any crystals that could help me feel better. As soon as, I walked into the shop, I was greeted by this beautiful woman who took my breath away. It was Moon, herself. As my mom was talking to the shop assistant, I noticed Moon looking over at me and analyzing me. She knew right away what was going on with me without me having to say a single thing. She immediately brought me over to another shop next door where she performs healings and detachments. She performed a detachment on me and the entire time, I didn’t even blink. I felt like I was in some sort of trance, but it felt very uplifting and calming. She detached the dark entity from me and cut the cord for my soul contract. That entity was going to kill me, and I would’ve only had a few days left to live. I could feel my life being pulled away from me. I felt weak, tired, and just not fully here mentally.

After the detachment, Moon and her assistant, Yvonne, immediately dropped everything they were doing and closed the shop up for the day. They were coming to my home, 30 minutes away, to get all of the dark entity attachments out of my house. Within 3 minutes of driving, Moon’s full tank of gas in her car suddenly went empty. Dark was trying to stop her, any way it could, from coming to my house and helping us but we all made it back to my house, safely.

She brought so many items and sages from her shop to use. We went over every inch of my home, covering walls, every window, and doorway possible. My bedroom had a portal to other dimensions, which is why my bedroom was so active, all the time. She closed all of the portals in the house and saged every single room, thoroughly. The entity that was attached to me was not happy about this, and tried to attack me, once more, but was unsuccessful thanks to Moon. Her protection over me kept it from doing anymore harm. She was like a warrior in battle.

It was discovered that there were at least 3 spirits in my home that Moon needed to remove. Once we reached the basement, she could hear the spirits scrambling up the steps to try and escape, but we had sealed each entry way so they couldn’t break through. Moon was able to get rid of all of the spirits and all dark residue and attachments in my home. She saved my life that day. It is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life. She has become a very close friend since then and I trust her with my entire life. She continues to be my mentor, teacher, and my #1 fan! I now even have a thriving, successful business where I can share my talent of designed bakery with others. It brings me great joy to see the smiles on people’s faces as they receive one of my tasty treats. I also have an amazing following of 515 Thousand on TikTok where I share my ideas, talents, and interests with others who enjoy it. I wouldn’t be on this beautiful path if it wasn’t for that day at the shop, where Moon changed the course of my destiny by helping me remove the one thing sent to kill me.


– Kristen Blair


Online House Entity Removal Session

In-Person House Entity Removal Session

* In-person session must be within an 8 hour drive of Johnstown, PA.

All sessions are non-refundable; by clicking the final payment purchase button you agree to our no refunds policy.